The factory was founded in 1997 in Petriolo, a prosperous shoe district, full of clever and creative businessmen.

In the last 30 years, the production of rubber soles for shoes, has gain a very important role, supporting in this way the research, the innovation and the development of new technologies, having always a look for the new fashion trends.

Thanks to the passion and the professionalism shown during all these years, the INGOM staff is able to supply, besides a very high quality product, also a dedicated and efficient service.

The extremely dynamic organization is always ready to receive and fulfil very quickly each request of the customer.

Thanks to the management qualities of the executive team and the gain philosophy, the great part of which is invested in “Know-How”, has been possible to develop the activity in a constant and progressive way, thus placing INGOM in the first places of national and international markets.

Which are the secrets of our success?

- Correct interpretation and anticipation of the new fashion trends;
- Service and support to the customer;
- Effective quality combined with research and development.

INGOM, quality and good service.


Ingom s.r.l.
Via Fiastra, 57 59
Zona Industriale
62014 Petriolo (MC)
tel +39 0733 550 262
fax+39 0733 550 263

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